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Lottery Success for Pleasure Grounds!

Durlston will receive £900,000 from the HLF’s Parks for People programme. This will fund the ‘Durlston Pleasure Grounds’ Project, to restore historic features which have been lost or hidden over the years to benefit wildlife, local people and visitors.

Over the next three years, volunteers will work with rangers, artists, landscape specialists and countryside management experts to create a landscape which is inspiring, accessible, educational, playable and sustainable. Key improvements will include:

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  • Rediscovery and enhancement of the Victorian landscape, inspired by Victorian owner George Burt’s vision for people to ‘Look round and read great nature’s open book’

  • Careful and selective pruning followed by considered planting schemes will all create opportunities for play, discovery and creativity

  • Development of the current viewpoint areas will be enhanced by artist designed seating, path improvements and tree pruning

  • Woodland areas will be vastly improved and enriched. Timber will be extracted by a green-wood worker and his heavy horse, alongside volunteers. By using horses we’ll keep mechanical work to a minimum while retaining tranquillity.

  • A new volunteering hub called ‘The Shed’ will provide a base for gentle, skilled and sociable volunteering

  • Path and transport improvements mean Durlston will become one of the best places in the country for people with disabilities or reduced mobility to enjoy wildlife and the countryside.

Published on 19/07/2018

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